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Frequently Asked Questions


Who posts job advertisements at Designspotter Jobs?

The listed job advertisements and requests for jobs are posted by companies of the international creative industry as well as by creative people looking for jobs.

Do I have to register in order to post a search agent?

Yes. Once you are registered you will be regularly informed by E-mail about the latest job offers.

What is the difference between the personalized RRS-Feed and a search agent?

The searching results are the same with both the RRS-Feed and the search agent. They differ only in the method of actualization.

The search agent checks once a day if new job offers that match your criteria have been posted. In case a matching job offer is found the search agent automatically sends you an E-mail, whereas the RSS-Feed have to be actualized manually by the user or an adequate Newsfeedreader. In contrast to the search agent, the daily actualization can be repeated without any limit.

Why do some advertisements do not include an address?

The company that posts the job advertisement decides how the contact will be established. It is for the company to decide whether a postal address is published in addition to an E-mail address. However, at least either one of the two indications needs to be included in the job advertisement.